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Frequently Asked Questions
In order to help you complete your online bankruptcy questionnaire we compiled the most frequently
asked questions and answers to they are readily available to you.
Q: Who do I contact for help completing the questionnaire.
A: Your attorney. Their contact information is always visible on the left panel of the MyCaseInfo web site
for easy access.
Q: Are there any instructions for filing out the questionnaire?
A: On the left sidebar of the MyCaseInfo web site you will see the Help Center. The Help Center contains
the Getting Started Guide, a User’s Guide and short video tutorials to help you complete the
Q: Can I fill out part of the questionnaire and come back at a later time?
A: Absolutely! Just be sure to hit the Save button as you move through the questionnaire to save data
you have entered. When you go back later the questionnaire will ask you if you want to resume the
questionnaire. You can also see a summary of all the data you have entered into each section by clicking
on the section tab at the top of the page.
Q: What items do I need to complete the questionnaire?
A: You will need various documents to help you complete the questionnaire. At the beginning of each
section you will be told what documents and paperwork you will need to complete it.
Examples: most recent pay stubs from all jobs, credit card statements, mortgage documents, loan and
lease documents and any papers relating to prior bankruptcies.
Q: What if I forget something?
A: If you forgot to enter something contact your attorney. The attorney may resubmit the questionnaire
to you to enter any incomplete information.
Q: What if I’m not sure about a question?
A: If you are unsure about how to answer a question then Flag it. Simply go to the questionnaire screen
you have a question about and then click on the flag button in the left sidebar. You can type in your
question to the attorney and hit submit. The attorney will receive your question and then respond
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