For more than 42 years, John GreenLeaf, Jr. has been providing high quality, reasonably priced legal services to clients throughout Central Illinois.  

The mission of GreenLeaf Law Office is to help our clients get a fresh start by providing professional legal counsel in a friendly, compassionate setting. We are committed to helping businesses and individuals maintain and protect positive growth and success.

We care about your future. Let us help you protect it.

  GreenLeaf Law Office helps you to Get a Fresh Start by assisting in 3 areas:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (liquidation of debts) and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (debt reorganization)
         For the last 20 years, John GreenLeaf has specialized in Bankruptcy matters by associating with the largest downstate             bankruptcy law firm and serving as the staff attorney for the Chapter 13 Trustee for the Central District of Illinois.

  • Corporation, Partnership, and LLC formation and maintenance.
         Over the last 42 years, John GreenLeaf has helped establish multiple business entities and has offered needed legal               advice to sustain operations.

  • Elder law, Wills and Trust Preparation, and Probate and Non-probate matters.
         John GreenLeaf has drafted hundreds of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.  A guardianship through the Court is                     established when powers of attorney are not available. He has also assisted families through the legal issues                           associated with the passing of a loved one in Probate and Non-probate matters.    

Mr. GreenLeaf is licensed to practice in the Federal Bankruptcy Courts located in Springfield, Peoria, Danville, Marion, 
and East St. Louis, Illinois. He is licensed to practice in all Illinois State Courts.

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